Believe it or not!

<<ABOVE>> This is an airbox On a 2003 Triumph Sprint ST we were doing a 12000 mile checkup on. We went to replace the air cleaner element and found this. What is it you might ask??? Our resident I will smell anything guy Lorenzo Williams did just that and determined it was DOG FOOD. We don't know how it got in there since the box is under the gas tank and completely sealed

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<<ABOVE>> This is a 96 GSXR750 engine that was in a race bike in Texas 2 months ago. He still had water in the radiator instead of antifreeze. As you know our weather here outside was almost the coldest on record for December in a long time. He left the bike outside for the month. Said it was hard to start and wanted to get the jetting reset on the Dyno machine. We noticed his oil had a milky look to it and found the head had broken at the water jacket.  All the water from the radiator drained into the oil.  This picture shows the mayonnaise looking aftermath.  YUK.   Also, can you recognize the girl in the picture on the calendar in the background.  It's Pamela Lee Anderson on an old Mikuni calendar from 1991.  Pre-boob job!


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<<ABOVE>> 93 GSXR1100 transmission  that had a bad second gear all summer long. He decided to wait for winter to repair day too long.  He shattered several gears and  also broke a shift fork.  The metal shards went completely through the oil system of the bike as he road about 50 miles home in the 2 remaining gears which were 1st and 2nd gear.  It then ate the crank bearings and the crank.  Also ate the cams and bearings.  Anyone need a motor?? :)


Woshm1.jpg (71519 bytes)  This rear sprocket was taken off of a bike that was brought in for repair. The owner claimed that he thought the clutch was slipping and wanted it replaced.


Woshm2.jpg (61918 bytes)The rear hub off of this ZX-11 had all of the drive tabs that fit into the rubber rear wheel dampers broken off so the chain and sprockets were turning but the wheel was not. The owner also suggested replacing the clutch, NOT THE SAME GUY.


Woshm3.jpg (64313 bytes)   See if you can guess what this is?  Give up?  It's what was left of a connecting rod in a ZX-10.  The pieces were found in the lower end of the engines exhaust system.  The owner said "It wasn't running right".


Woshm4.jpg (61284 bytes)This is a classic! The 99 GSXR-750 pictured here was demolished when the owner hit a parked Jeep Cherokee.  The owner was racing a car, and I guess forgot where the road ended and the parking lot began!


Woshm5.jpg (74314 bytes)   ...and the winner is a 97 triumph Daytona that flipped end over end and ripped the single sided swing arm into 2 pieces. He was heard to say afterwards that he would do that again if he ever got the chance. 

More to come!


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