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Dedicated to all of the people who, despite all of their good intentions, have a very bad day....

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Rick Natallelo at his best.


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Mark Reeser's Crash (one of our sponsored riders)

I was stopped at a local stop light and the person behind me realized too late and panic stopped.  At first they stopped short then the guy behind them tapped her.  When she got tapped she either freaked out or her foot came off the brake onto the gas.  She actually knocked me forward about six feet (her front tires stopped where my front tires had originally stopped).  Her front bumper came up over my rear tire and pushed the seat into me consequently ramming my family jewels into the gas tank and smashing my knees against the frame.  I couldn't believe the bike stayed mostly upright (leaning about 10-15 degrees from upright) and the rear wheel supported almost the entire weight of the front end of the car-her tires were off the ground enough that they smoked for a few seconds when we finally went to get it off the bike.  You just cannot have anything nice any more-I barely had the thing for 6 weeks (I just put on the permanent tags a week ago).  
Damage that was visible:
Bent swing arm
F'd up rear shock
Probably bent rear wheel
Subframe that holds seat basically destroyed
Exhaust DONE
Pretty sure the front forks are bent as well
Family jewels badly bruised
I will be going to the impound lot tomorrow to take some more pictures with a good camera (no more picture phone).  If you would be interested in any of the pictures for your crash page, let me know.  At least that way if it is totaled, it can live on in some way.

Scott Kain
Richmond, VA