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Qualified buyers get $0 down and 2.99% financing for 60 months

on all new, untitled 2014 and

prior year models

For qualified buyers

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If you drive a car or truck that averages 20 miles per gallon on a round trip basis of 40 miles per day (20 to work and 20 home) for 6 days a week (based on my own schedule) you would be driving 240 miles a week (not including your incidental trip use of going to the bank, grocery store, etc.). If the average price of gas is $3.75 per gallon you would be spending about $45.00 dollars a week or 180.00 per month in gas costs.

If you used the same mileage and gas price information and applied it to a new Triumph Bonneville series twin cylinder motorcycle which gets an average of 50 miles per gallon your cost per week would be $18.00 per week or $72.00 per month.

A monthly savings on gas of $108.00 per month or $1296.00 per year. Not to mention the savings in insurance premiums.


If you buy a new Triumph Bonneville series bike and have it financed for let’s say 5.00%   interest for 60 months with $1000.00 down your payment should be around $150.00 per month. With the monthly gas savings of $108.00 you are only really spending $42.00 that is a small price to pay for the FUN FACTOR and FREEDOM you get while riding your new Triumph motorcycle. And remember Gas prices are only going up so your savings will increase as they do.


















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